2016 Capital City Streaks Senior Banquet

The CCS Streaks had its first Annual Senior Awards Banquet on Tuesday night at the Cramton Bowl Multiplex to recognize our senior players, coaches and volunteers. It was a great evening of celebration and fellowship. Congratulations to all our award winners!

2016 Capital City Streaks Senior Banquet Award Winners:

2003 Girls Elite:
MVP: Katherine Warren
MIP: Isabel Drumwright

2003 Boys Elite:
MVP: Alex Kohn
MIP: Jacob Martin

2002 Girls Premier:
MVP: Caroline Parkman
MIP: Bentley Moore

2001 Boys Elite:
MVP: Christopher Loomis
MIP: Luke Adams

2000 Girls Elite:
MVP: Ainsley Lockwood
MIP: Alexia Millero

1999 Girls Elite:
MVP: Austyn Barnes
MIP: Kenzie Stoup

1999 Boys Elite:
MVP: Marcos Cortes
MIP: Garett Baker

1999 Boys Premier:
MVP: Micah Lyons
MIP: Erik Tsekouras

Character of Champions: Boys-Kobey Stoup, Girls-Aliya Seebrat

Player of the Year-Kobey Stoup, Tara Katz

Coach of the Year: Boys-Henrique Rizzo, Girls-Taylor Jones15419794_1211107199006922_5416956487842665626_o 15418417_1211107925673516_8998461492916308577_o 15418398_1211106879006954_1114387159876706928_o 15403781_1211107822340193_8920598830703540837_o 15403711_1211107752340200_695494032649487595_o 15392906_1211107479006894_6026682656203881261_o 15391538_1211106955673613_5645973078954150181_o 15391449_1211107512340224_7656341250913416430_o 15391307_1211107859006856_5624440005546160735_o 15384534_1211107289006913_8394188717921791365_o 15384488_1211107382340237_4941827677341820332_o 15384454_1211107945673514_6896706633801325855_o 15384405_1211107062340269_2669044854646208784_o 15384365_1211106809006961_2815600934944898404_o 15370199_1211107799006862_1271953698857493799_o 15370112_1211107082340267_8526199982973065791_o 15369993_1211107405673568_5459656638095940946_o 15369986_1211107245673584_7505353452556562284_o 15369265_1211107325673576_3060854985115574680_o 15369264_1211107535673555_8129634571739167142_o 15369263_1211107649006877_327277583987241305_o 15369108_1211107129006929_8863804799177603545_o 15369056_1211107619006880_1095118905870267148_o 15326283_1211106989006943_2378640111152252135_o 15326146_1211107169006925_1504392323203613155_o 15326032_1211106805673628_8596449299608376499_o 15326032_1211106805673628_8596449299608376499_o-1 15325403_1211107032340272_7588366923502660208_o 15325311_1211107839006858_9030618106817892672_o 15325147_1211107425673566_4630900475218221780_o 15304510_1211107022340273_907042679729802875_o 15304507_1211106915673617_2648688217094473094_o 15304498_1211107585673550_280749417278981268_o 15304403_1211107982340177_436066152948383397_o 15304198_1211107355673573_6199370804868892348_o 15068270_1211106812340294_1824889248870301840_o

Streaks Players Attending US Soccer Training Center Session

Congratulations to all the Capital City Streaks players that have been invited to the US Soccer Training Center session scheduled for Thursday, November 17 in Vestavia Hills, AL. This is a great accomplishment and well deserved opportunities for our players. We wish all of them the best during the training session.

Players Invited:

2004 Boys:

1. Lucas Rizzo
2. Sam Loftis
3. Pete Dickinson
4. Bobby Eskridge

2003 Boys:

1. Kobey Stoup (plays for 2001Elite)

2002 Boys:

1. Jack Loftis (plays for 2001Elite)
2. Cobi Keel (plays for 2001Elite)
3. Harrison Scott (plays for 2001Elite)

2001 Boys:
1. Hayes Colvin
2. Luke Adams

About Training Centers:

U.S. Soccer Training Centers (TCs) are free, single-day player identification opportunities for players with high potential to train under the direction of U.S. Soccer Youth National Team coaches and staff. TCs are a critical element to the U.S. Soccer development model and are designed to improve talent identification and evaluation, player development, and coaching development. Approximately 200 regional sessions are conducted per year in key markets throughout the country.

U.S. Soccer Training Centers are designed to replicate Youth National Team camps. Only players and coaches are welcome. Parents are not invited to stay and watch the training session. U.S. Soccer’s objective is to create an environment where players take responsibility for their own development. TCs are the pathway to the Youth National Teams.

As the National Governing Body of soccer in the United States, and under the auspices of the United States Olympic Committee, we are empowered and charged with developing the teams that represent the United States in all international competitions such as the Olympics and World Cup. The Training Center Program is an integral part of this process.

Success at State Cup – Fall 2016


Congratulations to coach Taylor Jones and the 2002 girls premier for winning the D2 State Championship this morning defeating River Region 3-0! Great job by all the girls and coach Taylor. Awesome job bringing home the State Championship! Go Streaks!


Congratulations to the 2001 Boys Elite for being D1 State Cup Finalist. They played a super match today falling just short in Overtime 1-2 against BUSA. The match was played at a very high level and the boys left it in the pitch. Great job by Henrique and all the boys! Go Streaks!


Congratulations to the Capital City Streaks 1999 Girls Elite for being Semi-Finalist in Division 1 State Cup this past weekend.

Two Great Clubs One Strategic Partnership


Capital City Streaks and BUSA Announce Plans to Form Strategic Partnership!

November 1st, 2016

Birmingham United Soccer Association (BUSA) and Capital City Streaks in Montgomery have agreed to create a strategic partnership starting in the spring of 2016. Both clubs have consistently been leaders in player development in our state and share similar ideas, beliefs and standards for how the game should be played. The goal for this partnership between these two prestigious organizations will be to create new initiatives that allow for more player development opportunities for the players in our current markets, better practices for business branding and a better collective use of our coaching resources.

YMCA of Greater Montgomery Vice President and Capital City Streaks Director, Manny Sanchez was quoted, “We are thrilled to announce the creation of a strategic partnership with BUSA that will allow our players to have unique opportunities to continue to develop and play at the most competitive levels in our country. Our two clubs are very much aligned and share many common values and philosophies. Without a doubt working together we can continue not only to develop our players by creating different training and competitive environments, but also by growing the game in Alabama. This is definitely an exciting day for our club, players and coaches.

BUSA Executive Director, Andrew Brower was quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to begin a collaborative relationship with Capital City Streaks. This is an exciting day for soccer in Alabama. We think that by working together we can continue to create new platforms for player development and ultimately better serve players in central Alabama. Our club’s share mirror visions for growth and development and we are excited to begin this new partnership with Capital City.

Manny Sanchez
YMCA of Greater Montgomery Vice President
Capital City Streaks Soccer Club

Andrew Brower 
Executive Director 
Birmingham United Soccer Association

Premier Soccer Club